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Unique Offerings

The products we serve hold to themselves unique properties, which we are able to add to them by producing them with unrivalled designs and by using best grade raw materials. The Greek and Roman culture are studied by us for designing our tiles, because no matter how old those trends are, they remain as praiseworthy as they were thousands of years ago.  

The tiles are manufactured using techniques which are traditional as well as contemporary, and owing to his, we are able to assure that our offerings will withstand extreme weather conditions, and weather deterioration by chemicals, pollutants, etc.

Some of the unique properties of our tiles are mentioned below:-
  • Craft- The range of our tiles comes in various shapes, such as barrel height, curvature, flat shape, etc.
  • Color- From the French Tans to the reds of Italian Clay or the Golds of Spain, we
  • Cost- The tiles served by us are never too costly to afford, when compared to that of the offerings of other companies.
  • Environmental Aspects- We never lose focus from manufacturing material in an Eco-friendly manner.
  • Material- Raw material we use to create our range of tiles is sourced from markets across the globe.
The Team

The appointed staff holds the reason behind our success in their hands, minds and hearts. Their dedication to make us best at our work is always cherished by us. Their marvellous work practices has made us a company which is master of this domain.

Variety Of Designs

Our range of Tiles such as Roofing Tiles, Ceramic Roofing Tile, Mini Roofing Clay Tile, etc., is maintained in a number of design with a sole reason to make our customers understand that we are the company, which works to suffice their varying needs. Be it a tile which can give a classic 200 year old Italian look, or the tiles which has the best contemporary appearance, we serve every design which impress.

We Ensure

We win at attaining our objectives because we ensure to our customers that we support them from every end of the business deal. Be it the quality of our Roofing Tiles, Ceramic Roofing Tile, Mini Roofing Clay Tile, and other tiles, or of our business ethics, we never lose focus on ensuring that we are the most trustworthy company. With years of experience in this market, we have made ourselves the most reliable firm by regulating policies which are sincerely created with an ambition to serve and satisfy our clients.

Dream Project

Each project we execute, and each time a customer comes to us, it is like a dream come true for our company. Because, we know that our vision of becoming the most prominent company is supported by the support of our clients. Owing to which, we make sure that personal attention and care is given to our clients, and they always gets satisfied from our end.

About Our Group

Lamit Group is one of the names in the markets, which has grown at an impeccable pace, with the support of its sister concerns. It has presented to the markets a variety of products, which includes tiles sanitary, ceramic roof and natural cladding stones. Currently it is existing in India, China and in GCC, and further plans to expand its wings to newer horizons. Initially it is targeting the markets of African continent. The name of companies, which are formed under the roof of Lamit Group are mentioned below:-
  • Lamit Ceramics
  • Lamit Tiles & Sanitary
  • Lamit Roof Tech (India) Private Limited
  • Lamit Polymer Technologies

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